IUD Removal

The removal of an IUD is simpler than the insertion and can be removed at any time in your cycle.  However if you do not want to become pregnant it is important to use an alternative method of contraception in the week leading up to the removal of the device as sex during this week could result in unplanned pregnancy after the device is removed. You should never attempt to remove the device yourself and should contact our clinic to organise for the removal of your IUD.

The IUD can be removed at any time if you wish to become pregnant.

If you are having your IUD removed but do not want to fall pregnant we advise removal at the following times:

• During the first few days (days 1 to 3) of your menstrual period
• Any other time as long as you have not had sexual intercourse in the previous 7 days or have used an alternative method of contraception (such as condoms).

IUD’s can be removed and replaced with a new IUD during the same procedure, ensuring minimal disruption to contraception.