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Discovering you are pregnant is not always a time of elation, and unplanned pregnancy often results in emotional distress for many women as they find themselves faced with the prospect of caring for a child they may not be ready for.

At the Salisbury Day Surgery we support and advocate for a woman’s right to choice. Our highly trained staff support all women with compassion and empathy, and ensure that we meet the individual needs of each woman with individualised care.

We provide very competitive pricing for all our reproductive procedures. This is part of our commitment to women’s health, ensuring that a lack of financial resources does not result in young women feeling that they must continue with an unwanted pregnancy.

At the Salisbury Day Surgery your confidentiality will be assured.  We respect your right to choose who you involve in your decision and we welcome their participation in supporting you through the process.  We employ highly trained and skilled professionals, ensuring your safety is our number one priority at all times.  Our Medical staff have many years of experience in undertaking reproductive services, including Male Vasectomy, the insertion and removal of a range of contraceptive devices as well as guidance and management on all aspects of reproductive healthcare.

The Salisbury Day Surgery promise to you is compassionate client-focused care, excellent service, skilled professionals ensuring your safety, and respect.

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Women’s Health: