Patients Rights and Responsibilities


While in our care we respect your right to:

  • Privacy and the maintenance of personal dignity.
  • To be treated with consideration and care.
  • Expect all communication & written records pertaining to your care to be treated as confidential by medical and other clinical staff.
  • A clear, concise & understandable explanation by the doctor of your condition, procedure, possible side effects and any associated risks.
  • Receive from the doctor any information necessary to give informed consent prior to the start of any procedure.
  • Ask for a second opinion about your propped treatment.  This may be impractical in an emergency situation.
  • Withdraw consent & refuse further treatment at any time.
  • Receive an explanation of all costs pertaining to your procedure & accommodation during your stay.
  • Be informed by the doctor and the clinic, of any requirements for continuing health care, following discharge.
  • Know the identity & professional status of individuals involved your care.
  • Information about the clinics mechanism for the initiation, review & resolution of the patients concerns & complaints.
  • Resources & support for patients with special needs will be provided where possible.
  • To be able to gain access to your own information.
  • To know that nameless information is gathered for government & clinical statistics.
  • Incidents where the law requires that particular information be collected & reported for public health & safety.


While in our care you have the responsibility to:

  • Provide accurate & complete information about your current symptoms, past illnesses, hospitalisation, medications & other matters relating to your health.
  • Indicate if you do not understand your proposed treatment & expected outcome.
  • Follow the agreed treatment plan recommended by the doctor.
  • Be considerate of the rights of other patients & hospital staff.
  • Provide accurate details of your Medicare and/or private health insurance.
  • Respect the property of other persons and the clinic.
  • Accept the consequences if you refuse treatment or do not follow your doctors instructions.
  • Arrange home care with a responsible adult for 24 hours following discharge from the clinic.
  • Arrange suitable transport home (preferably not public transport or walking), after your operation or procedure.